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Study coaches

Since 2013, Student+ has been working with external volunteer study coaches, who provide individual coaching to students within Fontys ICT Eindhoven and Tilburg.

Originally, this project was started for students with an extra guidance need, especially students with autism, ad(h)d, (failure) anxiety or a combination of these. In practice, however, it turned out that many more students had needs for individual coaching, both temporary and long-term. With this in mind, Student+ developed the project further and started to focus on all students of Fontys ICT, who for various reasons experience obstacles during their studies. This has led to an enormous growth; we can also proudly say that we now work with many voluntary study coaches! The demand from students for a voluntary study coach continues to grow, which is why we are looking every academic year for suitable volunteers who want to come and strengthen our very enthusiastic team!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the duties of a volunteer study coach?
  • Coaching and/or counseling students who experience obstacles to study success, both first-year and senior students, full-time and part-time students, in the Dutch or English-language program (coaching of foreign-language students is optional);
  • The coaching and/or counseling is aimed at solving bottlenecks in the study (such as procrastination, finding a suitable internship, writing support, etc.) and is not study-related;
  • Coaching consists of regular conversations about existing study obstacles and the preventive recognition of future bottlenecks. These conversations take place at Fontys ICT in Eindhoven, Tilburg or online via Teams;
  • Reporting per student by means of a monthly report:
  • Attending the basic study coach training and the monthly intervision meetings.


What is required of the candidates who apply?
  • Affinity with youth/students, preferably including autism and ad(h)d;
  • Life experience;
  • HBO work/thought level;
  • Coaching a minimum of 2 students with additional guidance needs, with a time commitment of 30-60 minutes per conversation per student, usually weekly;
  • Being available for an average of 4 - 6 hours per week on a voluntary basis (not including 4 hours per month of peer support);
  • Want to make a commitment for at least one year.
What do I get in return?
  • The opportunity to be of significance to students with additional support needs, particularly those with autism and ad(h)d;
  • Content support including basic training, practical tools, lectures, workshops, feedback and an online library;
  • Monthly intervision together with (experienced) fellow study coaches;
  • Volunteer contract;
  • Travel allowance;
  • Support from Student+, Fontys ICT.
What is the application process for being a volunteer study coach?

Volunteer study coaches start at the beginning of each new academic year (September). New study coaches are acquired throughout the academic year. Thus, interviews may take place throughout the year.

If the interview reveals that the candidate may be suitable, the candidate is enrolled in the basic training. This basic training consists of 4 half-days where the candidates will work with themes that will be important in their work as a volunteer study coach, such as: autism, ad(h)d, solution-focused coaching and reflection. The basic training will be held in the month of September at the Fontys in Eindhoven. After these 4 sessions an individual evaluation will take place. From there it is discussed with the candidate whether the person is ready to start working as a volunteer study coach.

How do I sign up to be a volunteer study coach?

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